A Museum for Peace

An Anti-War Museum - Why?

Two opponents of the Nazi regime meeting at Paris in 1965.

Left: Willy Brandt , then Governing Mayor of Berlin.

Right: Ernst Friedrich, who founded the first Anti-War Museum in 1925


»Germany is a republic - I thought.
Germany wants peace - I thought.
There should be a Peace Museum in a peaceful republic, I thought.

But as the pacifistic republic did not have enough money for such a work of peace (an armoured cruiser being more important and more expensive), the silly idea came to my mind, to open an 'Anti-War Museum': in the centre of Germany, in the heart of Prussia, in the midst of Berlin (five minutes away from the police headquarters).«

Ernst Friedrich, »Vom Friedensmuseum zur Hitlerkaserne«, St. Gallen 1935